Another night without you

You just went a month ago, but I feel as if you had gone for years. It is a fourth weekend that you are not with me, I get lonely my love. Everyday I keep looking at the calendar, wondering when its day will come. I mark each day, counting every time I spent without you and it is hard. I am too attached to you. I am not used to stay away from you. I used to walk holding hand with you, used to crying on your shoulder. This moment, I really need your shoulder and your encouragement. Boss was in his ‘mood’ today hon, and you know his behavior. I told you, didn’t I?

I went to meet friends at Clark Quay last Saturday and a sudden sadness came up. I saw a couple walked hand by hand, laughing together. I feel miserable, how I miss your warm hand holding my hand. When I swung my head to another side, another couple was kissing. I hate them! Why should they remind me how long it has been you didn’t  kiss me. I miss your soft kissing; oh, I longed everything about you. They sat on our seat hon, the seat when we celebrated our advance Valentine. It was another wonderful moment I spent with you. I wish you were with me, but you were not honey, you are not.

Did you remember the night before you go Love? That night, we walked alongside the river, you hugged my waist. I could feel your warm body and it was comforting me. I feel safe walked beside you. We didn’t talk much last night, we was very quiet but I know we thought much. I really wanted to say “Please don’t go”, but I was afraid I will regret if I said it. I know how important this study for your career. We don’t know when we can get the better chance like this, I don’t want to be selfish. You hugged me very tight, even I could hear your heart beating. Suddenly, you turning me to facing you and before I get my consciousness back, your lips was on my lips. I was very surprised, a lot of people around us and we was standing at the middle of the path. They might be watching us, but what can I do? How can I resist your smooth lips touching mine, kissing me softly? It gave me a wonderful sensation. Miss you badly my love. Come back soon, fulfill my longing.

Singapore, 2009


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