Exploring East Java (Part 1:Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya-Mt. Ijen)

Living on the Car, made friends with “Petrol Station” toilet

What a title, isn’t it? But it is really happen during our trip, exploring East Java. So hang on and read thourougly and you will understand why.

The main destination of this Journey is: Mt. Ijen, Baluran, Papuma & Bromo.

The first plan is to take public transport all the way (ngeteng) with route: Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya-Papuma-Ijen-Baluran-Surabaya-Jakarta but with an additional member we end up with car rental with route: Jakarta-Semarang-Ijen-Baluran-Papuma-Bromo-Surabaya-Jakarta.

  1. Jakarta-Semarang, travel by train (it more convenient if direct to Surabaya) unfortunately we run out of ticket
  2. Semarang-Surabaya, travel by PATAS bus, Jaya Utama which serve a lunch and equipped with toilet. There are a lot of bus option to take: economic bus without aircon-cheaper but hot and crowded, mostly stop everywhere to take passenger; economic bus with aircon -a bit more expensive but more comfy but they still can stop everywhere to take passanger; and the last one is PATAS-more expensive (but still affordable),comfy and only stop on certain place so it is faster.
  3. Surabaya-Mt. Ijen, we travel by car. We rent a car starting from Surabaya becacause it is cheaper rather than we rent from Semarang. After a quick dinner we heading to a petrol station toilet to have a shower and then continue our journey to Mt. Ijen, another 6 hours drive, spending our second night at car.

We arrive at Mt. Ijen at 1.30am and start hiking at 1.45am, it is a uphill track so it is kind of hard as most of us seldom exercise, we have to stop so many times and many others groups walk over us. Normally it take 2 hours to reach the top of Mt. Ijen from Paltuding, but we made it about 2.20 hours, so it is not so bad. The famous thing about Mt. Ijen is its Bluefire which locate at the crater, the pathway to the crater is quite dangerous so visitor is not allowed to going down, but mostly visitor ignore this, including us as it is really tempting to going down and see the bluefire by ourselves. We are not sure which way to going down actually but lucky us, we met some backpacker from other city on the top of Mt. Ijen, then we follow them to the crater and finally we  witnesses the miracle of  the bluefire which is only two in the world, Indonesia and Iceland.  Bluefire and the Ijen Crater, what a magnificent view.

There is incident happened when we trying to approach the bluefire more closer,

We are not able to see sunrise as it is in different part with the crater, also it is a bit cloudy but nevermind, we quite pleased just be here.

Part 2


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