Exploring Karimun Jawa (Island Hopping)

This trip is my first travel with online forum, kaskus travel forum. We are going to Karimun Jawa, Central Java, is accesible from Semarang with speed ferry, journey about 3.5 hours, cost about Rp. 299.000 (2 way) and from Jepara with slow ferry, take about 5 hours, cost Rp. 80.000 (2 way) and since we travelling as a backpacker, of course we take the cheap one.

Just before the ride
Just before the ride

We arrive at 08.00am at Kartini harbour by bus from Jakarta.  A group from another city  have been waiting, so after we get to know each other and take some picture, we board to the ferry at 9.00am and 5 hours journey is starting.

It is long weekend so the ferry is very crowded, hardly find vancant seat. The departing time is still 1 hour to go but all seat is occupied so we have to sit on the deck at rooftop which is extremely hot even though they put a cover, howeever we still manage to get some sleep, call us a weird 😀

Our "seat"
Our “seat”


A tour guide is welcoming us when we arrive at Karimun and bring us to homestay to get some rest and late lunch. Nothing much to do in this small island, because the beach is not beautiful. So the only activity left is sunset hunting and enjoying dinner at alun-alun, it kind of streetfood market.

Beautiful sunst scenery
Beautiful sunst scenery

@Day 2
Hopping island day!!

Ready for the hopping island
Ready for the hopping island

We will visiting some island today, swimming, snorkeling or just take some shot at the sandy beach, it is all your choice, everyone is excited. The first island we stop is Kecil island, Tengah Island, Gosong Island and Menjangan Besar island. The water is so clear, you could see anything under, the coral and the fish. We stop over at every island,snorkeling and have fun not worry that our skin will get tanned.

Kecil island
Kecil island

The view
The view

@Day 3
It just the second day, but our skin has been turn into dark but no one seem care, everyone still excited to go for ahopping island again. Today we are going to Menjangan Kecil island, Cemara Besar island,Gosong island and Ujung Gelam.



Arrive at homestay at noon and we has a birthday invitation to attent today so after get shower everyone get ready to a little party. It is fun and everyone make joking about their skin colour which turn very dark, you could see the difference.


@Day 4
We are going back to Jakarta today, so after get a breakfast and packing we are going to harbour to catch the ferry and it is so relieve that we are able to find a seat for everyone. Good bye Karimun, keep nice & clean, we might come again.


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