Goodbye Green Canyon, Hello Cirebon

@Day 1
This trip is planned just 1 day before only, eventhough we talked about it like a month before, but there is no serious talk about our itinerary, transportation and hostel.

So after a quick meeting, we decide our trip will be: Jakarta -Bandung – Pangandaran – Citumang – Green Canyon – Kampung Naga – Cirebon – Jakarta.

We arrive at Bandung at midday, suppose to meet someone but we couldn’t manage it as it is heavy rain, so we just wait until the rain a bit kind to us to continue and finally it does.

We are going to Pangandaran by bus but to be able to get a late bus, we have to go to Rancaekek is about 45 minutes away by train. Luckyly the rain has stopped when we are arrive, the station is a bit small and we have no idea wehere is the exit to the main road. A nice man told us to walk thru the railway to the main street as it is the short way to go and with strange feeling, funny and a bit scare we walk thru the railway, fortunately it is only like 8-10 minutes.

We have been told that we have to go to Dangdeur to catch the bus, so from Rancaekek we have to travel by angkot again for about half an hour but as the main road is flood, hardly to get transportation. We negotiate with motorbike (ojek) but they are hestitate, we try to hitchhike but none let us a ride. There is few wanna give us a ride but some others people want to join us and it change their mind. We have no more option, so we return to Bandung with last train, the train ticket is cost Rp. 1000 for economy. Hard to believe, but it is.

Another side of Bandung
Another side of Bandung

@Day 2
Not able to catch the bus, we have to change our rute. So today we will go to Kampung Naga and will stop over at Tasikmalaya to have dinner and continue to Cirebon. Kampung naga is beetween Tasikmalaya and Garut city, but to reach Kampung Naga, we have to take Tasikmalaya bus but make sure that the bus go through Kampung Naga as not every bus go to Tasikmalaya by that rute. Our bus bus is departed about 12.00pm and journey should take about 3-4 hours to Kampung Naga. But……it happen again, it is the flood, the Dangduer flood. Turn out that we have to pass this city to go to Tasikmalaya. The traffic move like a snail, very slowly and it really affect our plan, we couldn’t reach Kampung Naga at time. We have to skip Kampung Naga this time as we arrive at 06.00pm, so from Tasikmalaya we take another bus to Cirebon.

It take about 4 hours to Cirebon and we arrive at 1 am and no hotel yet. Luckyly there are a lot ojek and becak still, so we take ojek and ask them to get us a cheap and decent hotel, our hostel quite center not far from the train station. Along the way, there are some foodstreet so after we drop our bag, we haaving a dinner.

@Day 3
We go to train station first to get our ticket and lucky we are, we still get the 6 pm train to Jakarta. We have our breakfast at Empal Gentong Mang Darma, a famous and recommended one at Cirebon. The next stop is Keraton, but the condition of this keraton is a bit pitiful, maybe becaus the location is in market location, we have to walk through a traditional market to go to this keraton.

Nothing much to see at this Keraton, we go for batik window shopping and then having nasi jamblang and back to train station, going back to Jakarta.


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