Melanglang ke Pacitan & Solo (Part 3:Solo)

We arrived at Solo at after get some dinner on our way to Solo, everyone is tired so our plan to go to food hunting have to be cancelled, a bed looks more tempting.

Grojogan Sewu

Our plan for today is Tawangmangu, Pasar Klewer and Pasar Gede. We off from hostel at 7.30, heading to Tirtonadi terminal which is only 10 minutes walking away.  To get inside the terminal we have to pay a peron fee, Rp 500/person, which is worth it as the terminal is well organized, so everyone doesn’t mind to pay that little money.  We take  a “rukun sayur” bus  to  Tawangmangu terminal, the journey about 1.5 hour cost Rp. 10.000, then another 10 minutes ride on minimus to Grojogan Sewu, cost Rp. 5.000.

Entry fee for Tawangmangu is Rp. 6000/person, we have to climb down about 650 staircase but the staircase a bit flat. There is some local enjoying the waterfall with their family and there is swimming pool facility too. The waterfall is ok but not really worth it.

waterfall flow

Outside that complex there are a lot of people selling flower, fruits and others snack. Each us buy thing in different stall to share some fortune with them. What a sad and salute is some of them seller is old granny with their traditional dress. Sad, when you see they still struggle for their live at their age and salute when I see how they still able to fight for their daily living not even thinking to beg. And what do you see at Jakarta? Many young and healthy man become a “beggar” on the bus, isn’t that pathetic ?

the photo spot

While waiting the minimus, we are having rabbit and hedgehog kebab, something  that you can’t see everyday at Jakarta and the journey to Solo is start again.

We arrive at Hostel at 02.00pm, which is check out time. A friend who has bought our ticket come and give us the ticket. We don’t have much time, so we decide we only go to Pasar Klewer to buy some batik. On our way to Pasar Klewer, heavy rain is fall, luckyly we took a taxi but we still get wet when off the taxi. The batik  they sell is cheap and pretty nice and you don’t need to worry about the bargain thing as they don’t mark up so high like in Sukowati at Bali. We only spent 1 hour here as they are close at 04.00pm as well. We didn’t see any place to eat near this pasar so we go to Pasar Gede with becak. Pasar Gede is close too, but we find a nice spot to eat, so here we are. After an hour, we going back to hotel by taxi and continue to bus agent to bring us back to Jakarta. Goodbye Solo.


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