Melanglang ke Pacitan & Solo (Part 2:Beaches & Cave-Pacitan)

@Watu Karung Beach

It is time to hunting sunrise.  We go to Watu Karung Beach which is  about 45 minutes from Teleng Ria beach. When we arrive it isn’t dark anymore eventhough it is still 5.00am. We find a nice spot and there are lot of local people taking seaweed as the tide is going out. This beach is unique, it is very calm at some part but in other part the wave is so high, the border only the reef.

Sunrise @watukarungbeach
Another side of Watu Karung with high wave

@Klayar Beach

We off Watu Karung abou 6am and heading to Klayar beach, the most famous beach in Pacitan and among traveller.

Klayar beach

What I can say about this beach? Nothing. Just because i am speechless. The wave is so high so we are not allowed to go to “sea pipes” (seruling laut) as it is slippery and the wave sometime can reach the rock which make scary sound.


There is no people swimming here because the high waves, but the amazing  thing you could see is when the wave hit the rocks, the water go down slowly into the sea like a small waterfall and everytime it happens, the result is different depends of the wave high and strength.

The wave@klayar beach

Another unique thing about this beach is its sea pipes. It is happen when a wave hit a rock hole, it make a pipes sound and also a fountain. We really curious to see it,  we await the guide to show us but he never comes. So when some guy go there we follow them, you don’t want to miss thing like that, do you? Neither do us. And it is really worthed  even though a bit scary because the waves.

@Banyu Tibo Beach

Banyu Tibo

This beach is not as famous as Klayar, some local even don’t know about it or heard about it nor our driver. We gather some information at Klayar how to reach there as we heard from online forum that it is pretty close to Klayar. Lucky us, they know it. Likewise Klayar, Banyu Tibo has its unique too. A fresh waterfall fall directly into the beach and it flows to the sea. We come from the top of the waterfall and I have no idea how to go to the beach as I notice there is no way down and it is high tide today, I barely see its sand except under the waterfall.

It is very hard to climb down to waterfall especially if raining season as the rock will be slippery but we manage to climb down as we need to get a best shot 🙂

The wave looks fine when we go down and take a couple of picture. But at one point, when we sit at the edge of the rock to take the picture, a big and high wave hit  the top of the rock, hit us. We fall behind our back, our clothes is wet and my heart beat faster. A bit scary actually, what if we lose the balance and fall down? Huff, I couldn’t imagine it as I didn’t see any way up.

The small waterfall@banyu tibo

@Buyutan Beach

On our way Klayar-Banyo Tibo we pass some beaches, but we only we to Buyutan beach. So we off Banyu Tibo and heading to Buyutan. The road a bit winding and steep, we passing many farmer and their fields. The beach is under the hill, so we could see the beautiful view from our car parking.

Buyutan beach

This beach is similiar like the old quite Dreamland beach in Bali, but Dreamland now became very busy beach with some restaurant built there, It is really different when I was there few years ago, it is still quite.

The view@buyutan

Unlike Banyu Tibo, the beach at Buyutan pretty spacious with its white sands but high wave so not recommended to swim.

sandy beach@buyutan

Pacitan is starting to introduce their potential tourism, so all the infrastructure is built well include this Buyutan Beach. The way down to the beach is made well, pretty easy to going down.

@Gong Cave

Gong cave

There is no diner hereby so we heading to Gong Cave to have lunch and explore the cave after. We met a nice lady from Solo during our lunch and she tell us about nice food to try and the location at Solo, we are very thankful for the information. To get into the cave we have to pay entry fee Rp. 5.000/person, pretty cheap, isn’t it? We rent 2 torch and also a guide as it doesn’t cost us much, give them a chance to get the paid for their living. The cave consist of 7 main room, each room has its unique. There is some staglagmit when you hit will produce gong sound, so unique.

Some of the room has a waterhole too but it is a bit dry, the guide tell us it used to be leg deep and it is very clean water, they believe every waterhole has their use. This cave is immense with great staglakmit and staklagtit, very pretty.

Gong Cave

Along the way to Gong Cave, there are a lot people selling food, souvenirs, accesoris, and others. We spent some on accesoris, nice jewelry from stone.

@Tabuhan Cave

This cave pretty close to Gong Cave, we notice that there is a new cave has found just next to Tabuhan but we din’t go there.

Tabuhan Cave

This is only about 40 metres length but a bit dark. The staglaktit is so low sometime you have o crawl or squat to get through. There is a ascetic spot in this cave for people who seek for a peace and wanna avoiding pleasure and comfort, it is very small, just enough to sit for one person.

The gamelan sound spot

The unique about this cave is, it staglakmit and staglaktit can produce gamelan (kind of traditional music from java) sound but not anyone allowed to hit it, just the authorities and the gamelan player. They can play for you for Rp. 100.000 for 1-5 songs. Not many people visit this cave, some guides looks so tired and old, maybe they haven’t get some money for today. So we hire one but in the end 3 person follow us, he said they will share the tip we give. Isn’t it beautiful? They share what they get so everyone will have money to bring home.

Explore Pacitan is ending in this cave, trip to be continue at Solo.



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