Melanglang ke Pacitan & Solo (Part 1:Yogya,Teleng Ria-Pacitan)


Yogya sign

Long weekend again and it means time to travel! The trip destination is Pacitan city known as 1001 cave city at East Java. Others than its cave, Pacitan offer nice beaches as well. Pacitan is accessible by Surabaya, Yogyakarta and also Solo with train, bus or flight.  The cheapest way is by train if you could get the economic fare, cost about Rp. 33.500 but we couldn’t get it so we travel to Pacitan through Yogyakarta by executive bus. cost about Rp. 120.000 and from Yogyakarta we take travel to Pacitan, cost Rp. 40.000

We arrive at Yogyakarta at 09.00am, we have 3 hours to spent at this city so we are going to Keraton Yogyakarta by trans-jogya.

Street market@Keraton

Minibus pick up us exactly at 12.00am at Keraton Yogya and have to pick up some passenger before we heading to Pacitan and finally at 13.00pm we left Yogya.


The road from Yogya – Pacitan is a winding road but runs through some beautiful scenery along the way. We alight at Alun-alun Pacitan to have some lunch and will continue to Teleng Ria beach area to spent the night there. Public transport is very limited at Pacitan so we planning to walk to Teleng Ria as we heard  that it is only 5-20 minutes away. But the local said that it is very far, it will take hours by walking so the only way is to hire a motorbike which is cost a lot so we decide to hitchhiking but it is a bit hard to get a ride. Is it because they don’t want to or because our numbers? But finally a nice pick up driver agreed to drop us at a junction as he doesn’t go to Teleng Ria area. But on the way, he change his mind and decided to drop us at Teleng Ria as he feel pity for us :), which is really we appreciated.

He drop us at nice hostel near Teleng Ria beach which is still new, cozy and very clean and also cheap.

our cozy room

It is still 6.00pm but it is dark already, we couldn’t go to the beach as we could see nothing. It is very quite so just after a nice dinner at nearby cafe we back to hostel, get some sleep for a long journey tomorrow.


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