Journey to Derawan (Part 4:Berau-Shopping,Balikpapan)

Today is our last day at this island and it is very sunny.  We depart at 08.00am to Berau to catch our flight to Balikpapan. We use the big boat today, the capacity about 15 person. Acctualy the price is different with the small one we used yesterday, but as they need to buy fuel at Berau we don’t need to pay more.

The harbour@Berau
Road along the way

It is raining season but the ground and tree are dry, even there is some area was charred. There are a lot of Coal Mining in this city, we could see some coal mining activity along the way.

Some mining activity@Berau
At bridge@Berau

And finally after more than 2.5 hours drive we arrive at Kalimarau Airport, the flight from this airport will bring us to Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan.


sunset@melawai beach

We have more than 3 hours here before our flight to Jakarta so we are going to explore Balikpapan city. We go arround by public transportation, cost Rp. 2.500/person per journey. Our first stop is Kebun Sayur Traditional Market, they sell jewelry, gems, diamond and a lof of stones with vary price. To reach this place we have to change “angkot” (kind of public transport) at terminal and continue with different angkot.It is quite easy to navigate with public transport here as every number of angkot have their route. We spent more than an hours here, you know when girls start shopping ;). Buy some cheap stone jewellry and then we are heading to Melawai beach just at the centre of the city.

Melawai beach@Balikpapan

This beach quite busy, a lot of food street you could have while you enjoying the landscape. Many local peoples hang sarround in this spot and I could imagine how crowded it would be at evening. There some peoples walking at the beach as the tide is still going out.

Food street@melawai beach
Melawai beach

It is time to have dinner, we trying Dandito restaurant at this time. The price is slightly cheaper than Kenari Restaurant. We order soup for appetizer, crab and vegetables for main course and juice for the drinks.

Our dinner@Dandito

Stomach is full and time to back to Sepinggan Airport but a short stop to buy some snack to bring home and then flying back to Jakarta, holiday is ended.


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