Journey to Derawan (Part 2:Our Private Island-Derawan)

The infrastructure in this city is really good. The road, the harbour and others.  Our hostel owner told us  it is because in 2008 this city  was one of city where PON is held. The car driver pick us up at hostel to go to the harbour, which is just 10 minutes walking away, we really get a good service 😉

The harbour
our boat and us

Berau-Derawan is only 30 minutes by boat and the weather is really nice as the sky is so blue and clear and the sea water is like a mirror, so clean and you could see through, feels like wanna jump into the water.

A turtle in the clear water

Our room is cozy, clean overlook the sea and just next to our room there is a jetty so at night we could laying down at jetty and staring the stars, isn’t that priceless?

After a short break, we go for a snorkeling spot not far from our homestay. The view is magnificient, white sand, green wate and blue sky. The clear and clean water is so tempting to jump into. You could see anything deep down in the water, theare are beautiful  coral, coloured fish and also a big turtle. But nobody could resist to jump into the sea, it is too good to be missed.

derawan 2

With 3 local kids we jump into clean water, this is awesome. This sea is ours today, just like a private island.

A magnificient view
Jump…..Jump into

Tired with snorkeling we going back to homestay to have lunch and will explore another part of Derawan later. A group friends from Jakarta come to Derawan by Tarakan just arrive while we having lunch. Then suddenly weather become bad, it is really cloudy, looks like it is going to rain and it is. But luckyly it is not for a long time, so we can make our move to continue exploring the island. But the rain falling again when we are still on my way to a new spot, so we find a shading in a house terrace and here “something” funny happen which I think will still remain a  secret. We waiting for more than 1 hours before the rain stop and we start againt to explore. We don’t have the map, we just follow the ……jalan setapak” and hoping  it will lead us to a nice spot. And you know what, it leads us to a cemetry hahahhaha.

We walking by at a white sand beach  and turn out it bringus to a another nice spot which I recognise as our snorkeling spot before….but since a friend haven’t been here he is so excited and take some pictures before we back to homestay to take a rest and prepare ourself for our trip tomorrow.

Just after the rain

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