Journey to Derawan (Part 1:Jakarta-Balikpapan-Berau)

Balikpapan airport

The day we eagerly waiting for is here, yeah the trip to Derawan, another paradise in my country, Indonesia. This trip has been planned for few months since we got  promotion ticket, Jakarta – Balikpapan. There is two option to reach Derawan, either from Tarakan or Berau with its advantage and disadvantage. If you travel in large groups better go by Tarakan, but if you in a small group the best option is Berau and since we are just 4 person the best option is to get connection flight from Balikpapan to Berau.

Our menu

We arrive at Balikpapan at 02.00 pm and we still have 4 hour before our next flight to Berau so with public transport we go to Kenari Restaurant, one of famous seafood restaurant at Balikpapan to have lunch.

The price is reasonable and the food is nice but the crap sauce taste strange because its sweetness, but one thing we learned here, it is better to order fruit juice or lemon tea rather than “plain hot tea” (teh tawar), because the difference is only Rp. 2.000,-

Our room at Berau

Flight Balikpapan – Berau takes about 50 minutes, our flight landing at new Kalimarau airport but the airport is not open yet so we are transferred to the old airport with bus. It was 07.15 pm when we out of airport, luckily the car driver we have arranged previously has arrived and the 3 hours journey to Tanjung Batu is started.  It is dark so we couldn’t see anything outside but we passed some coalmine and finally we arrived at hostel at Tanjung Batu. It is  a small but nice and clean hostel, really recommended.

Action before take off to Berau


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