Trip to Madakaripura & Bromo

22 – 24 March 2012

At first, I was hestitate to take the economic train to Malang as a bad experience not long time ago but a friend assure me that regulation for the economic train has been changed, so everyone get a seat number, no more standing passenger at the corridor. It was a long weekend so train ticket selling fast, luckily we still manage to get our ticket.

It takes about 15 hours to reach Malang, the city where we meet our guide on this travelling, trip to Madakaripura waterfall and Mount Bromo. As the long weekend, so many backpackers heading to Bromo and also Sempu, a hiding paradise which I wish going there soon. We had a quick breakfast box by the minivan and straight away heading to Madakaripura waterfall. From the parking lot, we have to do trekking to reach the waterfall.

It quite a trekking not because the climbing or distance but the fact that we have to cross a river for few times to reach Madakaripura. The river itself very nice, it is only leg depth with big stones around, what a nice view.

And the Madakaripura itself is so wonderful. It is hidden at the the end of a deep valley in the foothills and has cascades from the dense forest above, so we have to use umbrella because it is like local raining. Everyone is exciting, it is really amazed me. This waterfall is related to Gajah Mada, it is said he meditated at the cave in behind the waterfall.

If you by any chance go to M t Bromo, don’t miss this waterfall. Everyone is get wet, so we take shower at the public toilet and having a cup of coffee at the food stalls, and ready to continue our journey to Bromo.

We arrived at late afternoon and the cold weather welcomed us. The weather at Bromo is very cold, when you step on the floor, it is like you step on the ice, so you could imagine how cold the water is. I was in the “wrong custome” with my thin jacket and my short, everyone tease me, said how strong i was, wearing that clothes in that kind of weather. Yeah, it is cold but I can still manage it maybe because my hometown is also has the cold weather. We have to get some rest to be able to get up early for the hunting sunrise.

Wake up at 4 am, we straight away going to Mount Penanjakan by jeep. We went to “penanjakan 2” the nearest spot to see the sunrise, and yippi… we are the first to arrive. From this spot, we could see the mount Semeru and the sunrise, it would be a magnificent view. The weather is very cold and a bit windy, we tried to warm ourself with a cup of hot coffee. Peoples start coming more and more, but the sun looks hestitate to come out. We wait patiently, slowly the the sun starting to show up, but the cloud comes and cover it and it happened for many times. It is too cloudy, we wasn’t able to see the sunrise. We are a bit disappointed couldn’t see the most beautiful thing at Bromo.

The second spot we are heading to is, the caldera of Mount Bromo, but before that we have to pass through “Pasir berbisik”, (“Sea of Sand”). We have to walk or can ride a horse with a cost about 100k to the starting point of climbing part. The view, is awesome, i am speechless. The climbing to the top of caldera is tiring but when we reached at the top, it is totally worth it. You have to come and see it by yourself, you won’t regret. I couldn’t able to describe it by word, the pictures would tell you instead.

The last stop we went to is the savana, recently it has a new name, bukit teletubbies. Along the way, we could see wild flowers with many colours. It is really beautiful even though some of the flowers is withered already. The guide told me, that it looks more beautiful a few a weeks ago as the flowers just starting to blossom. I guess they name it “bukit” (hill) teletubbies because looks similar with the teletubbies serial. The view is so freshening, green colour everywhere.

All the tiring journey is really pay off and we are ready to go back to Jakarta.


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