Dieng, 29 June – 01 July 2012

Day 1

Dieng, that is the place we are heading to. The journey Jakarta – Wonosobo take about 13 hours by bus but of course depends of the traffic jam and another 1 hour from Wonosobo to  Dieng. This time, it took us 14 hours to arrive at Wonosobo. We departed at 9.00pm and arrived at Wonosobo at 11.30am, what a long journey, hope it will get pay off. We changed a bus to the small one at Wonosobo terminal and we straight away going to homestay at Dieng after a quick brunch at terminal. The cold weather welcomed us when we arrive at Dieng, it is just 1 pm but the weather is  cold. We unpack quickly and starting to explore dieng, we are far behind the itinerary.

Sumur Jalatunda

Sumur Jalatunda (Jalatunda well), the first spot we visit.   It is about 20 minutes away by bus from our homestay, along the way you could see the fields, mostly potatoes.  The well isn’t impress me, nothing much to see, I don’t recommend to visit it.

Kawah Sileri

The second spot is Kawah Sileri (Sileri Crater). There are a lot of crater at Dieng, but today we visit Sileri crater. We have to walk about 10 minutes to see the crater from parking lot. It is surrounding by hills, so the view is nice but the crater itself, just so so.

Telaga Merdada

The last spot we visit for today is Merdada lake, the lake itself is not interested me but the view, the green hills surroundings. We didn’t stay long here, just take some pictures and back to homestay to get a rest

Day 2

Bukit Sikunir

Sunrise hunting!!! It is still 3.30am but we are woke up already as we need to go early to hunt the sunrise. The road is still dark when we off to Sikunir hill, but there are some jeeps passing by, and  I’m sure we have the same destination. It is really piercing cold, it is like going into my bones even though I am wearing jacket and clothes underneath. Homestay – Bukit Sikunir takes about 20 minutes journey by car and another half an hour trekking to reach the spot. It is really worthless. The view is really magnificent, so beautiful, like a giant sunrise painting. All the tired journey has been pay off.

Kawah Sikidang

This crater is similar than Sileri but I like Sikidang more because the view a bit different. Not only green hill surroundings but the colour of the land, so it make perfect combination. The sulphur is also more strong and giving us a choking smell so we have to cover our nose.

Telaga Warna

We are heading to Warna lake from Bukit Cikunir. We made a quick stop on our way, and saw a wonderful landscape, cloud lake. Strange, but it is. Even a passed by farmer  told us that he seldom see that kind of view even though he almost pass this way everyday. Yeah, it is amazing landscape but we have to make our way to telaga Warna  to be able to catch the Dieng culture festive on time.  We have to trekking about 15 minutes to view the Warna lake from the top of the hill but we are a bit tired, so when we find a nice spot to see the lake with no need to climb until the top, we decide to stop and take pictures. Story said that the lake has many colour but recently it left only 3 colour if you luck (green, brown and red) and 2 colour normally (green and brown). And we are not that lucky, we only see 2 colour with dominate by green.

Dieng Culture Festive

We intentionally arrange this trip because this festive which happen once a year. Actually the festive preparation has started a day before with a some race and also wayang. This festive is to cut “gimbal” hair. They only cut the gimbal hair if the child is agree, also the child could make a wish to their parent, what they want if they get their hair cut done. In this festive, there are 5 children who get their hair cut down. There are ceremonies to do all these things, and these what we are come for. Those children asked a goat, bicycle, gold earring, chicken and even milkita and buavita (kind of drinks). We couldn’t wait the ceremony to finish because have to catch the bus back to Jakarta, so we left after 1 child get her hair cut down.


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